How To Fit A Big Wardrobe in a Small Room

How To Fit A Big Wardrobe in a Small Room

Bigger is better, right? Well, of course, that’s not always the case. This is especially true when dealing with large furniture in small spaces. Sometimes you’ve downsized but still want to keep a beloved piece, or maybe you’re moving something from a bigger room to a smaller one. Whatever the reason, we’ve got to find a way to make it work, but how?

It’s not always easy, but it’s almost always possible, trust us. All you need to make your oversized wardrobe work in a small room is clever design and planning. If you’d like to find out how to make this possible, read on to find out.



If you’re struggling to fit your wardrobe in, maybe it’s time for a little rearranging. Imagine it like a game of Tetris where you’re trying to fit in all the shapes in the best places. A good way of working out what should go where without the tedious process of moving things is this: Draw up a plan of the room and cut out paper shapes to represent your furniture. Then, you can move, swap, and change the pieces to try out new setups easily. Once you’re happy with the design, go ahead and move the furniture.


Try A Different Room


Sometimes, no matter what you try it’s just not going to work. But don’t despair. Maybe your beloved oversized wardrobe is better off in another room entirely. Don’t be afraid to move your wardrobe to a room where it’ll be better suited.



It may be painful, but if there really is no way you can fit the wardrobe in… you might have to downsize. Even if you’re very attached to your piece, if it doesn’t fit the room, it will never look good. Either put it in storage until you have more space and buy a new one, or sell the existing wardrobe and use the money to buy something smaller.


Largest First

When you’re struggling to fit everything in a small room, it’s helpful to think strategically. An important tip is to start with the largest pieces of furniture first. That will most likely be either a double bed or a wardrobe. So place these pieces first, then build the rest of your room layout around these centerpieces.


Beware Overhangs


As wardrobes tend to be tall, this can present challenges in unconventionally shaped rooms. Rooms with slanting roofs, like loft conversions for example, are a nightmare when you’re trying to fit something tall like a wardrobe in. Similarly, arches and other overhanging features can create problems. So if you’re thinking about trying to add a big wardrobe, make sure your room doesn't have these features.


Knock ‘Em Down and Build ‘Em Up

If your room is truly too small for your wardrobe, here’s a radical idea. You could knock the wall through to the next room, an en suite for example, then use the wardrobe as a cool dividing wall that separates the two sections of the space.  Granted, wall removal is no trivial task, so think carefully before you commit to anything.


Incorporate A Desk

If you’ve got a desk and wardrobe to arrange, use them in unison to create a sleek and streamlined effect. Run both furniture pieces along the same wall, side by side, so that the wardrobe brings the edge of the room inwards and the desk sinks into it. This is a great way to use the space efficiently.


Visual Focus


The visual impact of your furniture is hugely affected by focus. Think about floorplan. If your armoire or wardrobe meets the eye directly after entering the room, ie. It’s opposite the door, this will make the wardrobe the center of attention. To avoid this and reduce the impact of your large piece, try different placements.


Go For Quality

The best way to create the perfect bedroom is to make sure you buy quality. For the best in furnishings, including contemporary European designs and modern classics, Meble’s there. Take a look at our selection of wardrobes, here.

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How To Choose the Right TV Stand

How To Choose the Right TV Stand

Picking the right TV stand is no doubt important. It’s often the main focal point of a space where you’ll spend so much time relaxing. But you’ll also be entertaining friends and family here. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to make sure your superb taste and style is on display… so it’s gotta be perfect.

Getting the combo right is easy, with a little help, and that’s what we’re here to teach you today. TV stands come in a range of different colors, and it can be hard to know what’s the best option. In this article, we’ll dive into the topic, so you can get it right when you shop for TV stands.


Consider The Surrounding Area

Your TV stand should complement the furniture of the room where it’s placed. That means if you’ve got a modern contemporary feel in the room, then something glass, metal, or monochrome will fit the bill. It’s more important that your TV stand works well with the room rather than the TV itself. So if it’s in a mainly white room, a white stand will work well.


Consider The Materials


You’ll also need to consider the material your stand is made from. Do you have a taste for modern, high-tech styles? Or do you prefer something more traditional? Consider the rest of your décor and decide what your vibe is. For modern styles, go for the sharp edginess of metal. For something more rustic, try wood.

There are three main types of material for TV stands:

  • Wood. The most popular material for TV stands. This material is fantastic for presenting a wide array of color choices. Lighter woods such as oak or pine can create a bright and airy feel, while darker hues like maple or ash look warm and mysterious.
  • Glass. Glass is very adaptable, coming in a wide array of shapes and sizes making it very popular with consumers looking for a unique style. They suit the modern look well, are relatively inexpensive, and can come in many colors, offering plenty of scope for customization.
  • Metal. The least common material, at least these days, is metal. If you prefer something sturdier and more solid, there are a wide selection of metal stands to choose from, coming in every color you can think of.


Which Colors Would Work?

Now we’re up to speed with materials, let's focus on color. It’s ultimately down to your tastes, but it’s important to understand how the color affects the overall look of the room.

For rustic, more traditionally styled rooms where you’ll want a wooden stand, make sure you pick a color like dark brown or white that matches the rest of the room to accentuate the cozy feeling that wood helps imbibe.

Glass is excellent for making your room feel modern and even futuristic in some cases. If you can, try to pair a glass stand with other glass furniture like coffee tables or ornaments. Try a teal tint on your glass TV stand for an eye-catching style.

Metal stands usually come in black with glass features like shelves. This is good for when you want your TV stand to take a back seat in the décor, not interfering with the look of the room. Although black is the typical choice, you can find metal TV stands in all sorts of colors, from blue to white, yellow and red.


Put It All Together


Today we’ve talked about how when it comes to picking the color of your TV stand, it’s about more than just color. You’ve got to consider the vibe of the room it’s going in, then match the vibe to what material you choose for your stand. Then and only then should you think about what colors speak to you and make your decision.

Good luck!

Start your search well by taking a look at our selection of stylish contemporary TV stands. Click here to take a look.

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Here’s Why Electric Fireplaces Are Just Better

Here’s Why Electric Fireplaces Are Just Better

How should you heat your home? When it comes to social spaces like living and dining rooms, you want something that'll make an impression. Something more eye-catching than a discreet radiator.

That’s where fireplaces come in. Instead of performing a purely functional role, fireplaces create impressive focal points, exerting warmth and coziness over the space.

Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, but they broadly fit into three categories: electric, wood burning, and gas fireplaces. We think an electric fireplace is always the best choice, and here’s why…


They’re Easier On The Wallet

Setting up a wood burning or gas fireplace requires a lot of expense. Major wall construction and masonry work do not come cheap, yet they’ll be needed if you want to fit this sort of fireplace. Electric fireplaces are more affordable for this reason. 


Easy Installation

If cost is no problem to you, well the challenges don't stop there. Think about the logistics of installing a fireplace. You may need to:

  • Build a chimney
  • Make a fireplace pit and hearth
  • Ensure gas lines are appropriate
  • Obtain building permits
  • Put up with disruptive and messy construction in your home

Compare that with the ease of electric. Many simply plug into your outlet! Some other electric fireplaces may require 120V or 240V hard wiring.

The fact it’s so much easier to fit an electric fireplace means that they can go in far more types of homes. Traditional fireplaces aren’t well suited to apartments, bedrooms, or condos but electrics can be installed in those areas with ease.


Electric Fireplaces Are Smaller


While wood or gas burning fires need to take up significant space apart from the wall, electric fireplaces only protrude 6” to 8” from the wall. Or even less when they’re recessed into the wall!

This small size means you have even more options for placing your fireplace, as gas and wood-burning are tied to the restricted areas where chimneys or gas lines can be laid.


Safety First!

Sure, the roar of open flames may look pretty sweet. But having fire in your home comes with risk. Wood burning fires carry with them the risk of ash and smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires.

With an electric fireplace, you’ll have nothing to worry about, with no chance of harmful gases or fires burning anywhere in your home. The front glass of electric fireplaces are often designed to stay cool so that it poses no risk to curious children or pets.


Customize To Your Tastes

Electric fireplaces always offer options for customization. Our fireplaces come in a range of different colors and shapes, with differing finishes. One of our specialities is providing electric fireplace TV units, like the York 02 Electric Fireplace 79" TV Stand.

Alternatively, a recessed heater like the 31.5" Electric Fireplace Wall Recessed Heater will help you add a sophisticated and minimal look to your home.


Can Enhance Your Décor


Thanks to all that customization, it’s easy for an electric fireplace to complement your home’s existing décor. With limitless design possibilities, an electric fireplace can make a great focal point, inviting people in and making them feel comfortable. For a real impact, make your fireplace into a feature wall. Create it by wall mounting your fireplace into drywall or stylish panels.


Better For The Environment 

Although electric fireplaces will still be fueled from electricity that’s likely generated via fossil fuels, over time this will change. Gas, however, will always require gas: a fossil fuel. Wood-burning stoves may be carbon-neutral, but they release something much worse for our immediate health: harmful particulate matter. Burning wood releases particles thinner than a strand of hair which can get into our bodies and severely harm our health. Electric fireplaces do no such thing.


Browse Our Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a fine selection of contemporary models of electric fireplace designs, look no further. Click here to browse our pieces.

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TV stand or Media center? Here’s how to decide...

TV stand or Media center? Here’s how to decide...

Unwinding in front of the TV is America’s favorite pastime - and why shouldn’t it be? There are more ways to be entertained in front of the screen than ever before - online gaming, HD streaming, the list goes on…
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How To Choose The Perfect Wardrobe

How To Choose The Perfect Wardrobe

When putting together the perfect bedroom, every piece of furniture counts. It’s so important to choose the right sort of piece for your needs, especially with big items like beds, dressers and of course, wardrobes. Standing tall and broad, these bedroom behemoths can define your bedroom for better, or for worse.
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How to Style and Organize your TV Stand

How to Style and Organize your TV Stand

For many of us, our TVs are the focal point of our homes. That’s why we love to help our customers build TV entertainment they can be proud of. There’s more to it than buying any old stand and a big TV. Today, we’d like to show you how you can add style and character to your entertainment center. Read on to find out how.
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