3 Door Wardrobes

Guide to 3 Door Wardrobes

3 door wardrobes are very versatile and multi-functional pieces of furniture. A sleek, contemporary 3 door wardrobe anchors a large wall to help to tie everything in a room together. Plus, it provides an exceptional amount of storage space. With shelves and hanging racks, you can tuck away various items in your 3 door wardrobe.

3 Door Wardrobe Storage

Shoes, coats, hats, umbrellas, and more can be stored in 3 door wardrobes in a hallway, mudroom, or close proximity to an outside door. Wardrobes can also hold out-of-season clothing, linens, towels, games, toys, and other overflow items that cannot fit in a bedroom or bathroom closet.

Where to Place a 3 Door Wardrobe

Some people even use 3 door wardrobes in their kitchens and dining rooms to store away holiday dishes, kitchen appliances, serving trays and bowls, cookbooks, and other items that can’t fit in the kitchen cabinets.

Buying a 3 Door Wardrobe

At Meble Furniture, we have several elegant, modern 3 door wardrobes to choose from. They come in beautiful neutral colors like black, gray, wenge, and white in styles with or without mirrors. Because these are large pieces of furniture, it's recommended that you measure your space first to ensure that the wardrobe will fit. You can find the height, width, and depth information in the product descriptions of our 3 door wardrobes. Find your wardrobe today and have it delivered fast!