Floating Entertainment Centers

Guide to Floating Entertainment Centers

Would you be interested in a sleek, modern look for your room? Floating entertainment centers create a unique focal point for displaying your television, media, and decorative items. Not only are they attractive, but floating entertainment centers are also both flexible and functional.

Floating Entertainment Center Designs

They fit well with other modern and contemporary furniture but are versatile enough to mix many different styles. Because they are modular, you can install them in several different ways to fit your wall space and other décor. It’s simply a matter of selecting the one that works best for you.

Meble Furniture’s floating entertainment centers come in various colors and configurations. Choose from sets with floating bookcases, TV stands, and shelves. Each component of these entertainment centers is designed for mounting on the wall and looks as if nothing is holding them up. You can choose from elegant neutral colors, including black, white, oak, and gray.

Floating Entertainment Center Storage

Like your standard entertainment centers, floating entertainment centers offer plenty of storage space. Some units include open shelves or shelving with glass cabinets for display. While other units include solid cabinets and drawers to hide away items that you don’t want visible.

Order a Floating Entertainment Center Online

Are you ready to transform the look of your room? When you shop at Meble Furniture, you can expect quality products and fast delivery. Most of our items ship in 1-2 business days. Explore our collection of floating entertainment centers today!