Armoires & Wardrobes

Guide to Armoires and Wardrobes

Clothing wardrobes and armoires are ideal for apartments and homes where built-in storage and closets are scarce. But even with plenty of closet space, a wardrobe is handy. You can organize and store clothing, hang coats, or repurpose it for a home office or media room. This guide can help you figure out the best armoire and wardrobes for your home.

Ways to Use Armoires and Wardrobes

When you purchase an armoire or wardrobe for your home, you can use it for any storage. Our wardrobes and armoires for sale are well-suited for any room in your home or apartment. With cabinet doors that close, you can hide things you prefer to keep out of sight. Here are a few clever ways you can use an armoire:

  • Clothing Closet: Whether you lack closet space or want to separate the clothes you currently wear from the ones that are out of season, wardrobes and armoires are a great way to organize them.
  • Media Console: Tuck away DVDs, cable TV boxes, video game consoles, and other media you use for your television.
  • Linen Closet: Turn an armoire or wardrobe into a linen closet to store extra towels, blankets, and other linens. Place it in your bathroom if there’s room, in the closest hallway or a bedroom.
  • Coat Closet: Use a wardrobe to store heavy coats, ski gear, umbrellas, and other outerwear.
  • Kitchen Pantry: Incorporate a wardrobe or armoire in your kitchen to store extra snacks or paper goods. You can keep dishes, cutting boards, or appliances such as electric mixers, juicers, and toasters in your wardrobe.
  • Dry bar: Use an armoire to house your favorite spirits, barware, and wine.
How to Select a Wardrobe for your Home

Before buying an armoire or wardrobe, ensure it fits your room. Measure the width and height of your area. Also, consider the depth of the wardrobe when positioning it. We carry a stunning selection of wardrobes in various sizes, styles, and colors.

When purchasing a wardrobe, consider its function and placement in addition to size. Select an armoire or wardrobe that offers the storage you need, whether shelving space, drawers, or room to hang clothes. Does it compliment your room? A mirrored wardrobe can make a small room feel larger. A large modern wardrobe could help fill out wall space in a bigger room.

At Meble Furniture, our modern armoires and wardrobes are perfect for anyone needing additional storage space in any room. Most of our products are ready to ship within 24 hours.