Wall Mounting Furniture Warning

This article provides basic information for mounting your wall mounted floating furniture to a wall using a wall mount bracket.

  • WARNING! There's a risk of damage to your furniture if you don't follow the assembly or installation instructions correctly. We're not liable for any damages or injury caused by mishandling or improper installation of the wall-mount bracket.
  • WARNING! If you use substitute items other than the supplied screws, the furniture may fall and cause physical injury to someone or damage to the furniture and/or wall.
  • WARNING! Do not attempt to mount furniture that is not sold as wall mounting furniture.
  • We strongly recommend that a qualified professional install your furniture on the wall for product protection and safety reasons. Sufficient expertise is required to determine the strength of the wall for withstanding the furniture's weight.
  • Check the wall-mount installation manual supplied with your furniture for information on how to properly mount your furniture. Product assembly manuals can be viewed here.
  • We don't guarantee the use of third-party wall mount brackets or screws.
  • Use the screws supplied with the wall-mount bracket when you attach the wall-mount bracket to the furniture.