Entertainment Centers

Guide to Entertainment Centers

Showcase your television, collectibles, books, or favorite décor with a stunning new entertainment center. Entertainment centers transform a room into a space filled with character and charm. Useful for so much more than merely storing your TV, entertainment centers hold media, conceal wires, and display your most beloved possessions.  An entertainment center fills your wall space and provides a stylish focal point for your room.

If you are looking for entertainment center ideas, this guide will help you find the right match for your home to turn your room into a comfortable and attractive space to share with family and friends.

Choosing an Entertainment Center

With numerous options, how do you select the right entertainment center for your home? First, determine why you want to purchase one. Is it to house a TV, provide extra storage, or add a new design element to your room?  Knowing your purpose for buying an entertainment center will help you to narrow down the choices. In general, most entertainment centers are modular and include bookcases and shelves. Some come with a TV stand, while others have a sideboard instead. Read the description of the entertainment center you’re interested in so that you know what you are getting.

Next, measure your wall’s width and height and eliminate any entertainment center options that are too wide or too tall. How tall should an entertainment center be? Some entertainment centers can extend almost to the ceiling. Other options take up two-thirds or even less of the height of your wall.

You also have the choice of different configurations of entertainment centers, such as:

2-piece entertainment centers: Entertainment centers with two pieces come in several different setups. They may include a TV stand and bookcase, a sideboard and bookcase, or a TV stand and sideboard. Depending on the design, you may have shelving, cabinets, or a combination. And because these entertainment sets are 2-piece, you have flexibility with how you set it up in your home.

3-piece entertainment centers: Similar to 2-piece entertainment centers, a 3-piece set gives you options for setting it up. You can put all the pieces together for a cohesive look or even break it up in the room. While there are different options, the most common configurations of 3-piece entertainment centers include a TV stand or sideboard, a bookcase or cabinet, and a shelf/shelf set.

4-piece entertainment centers: With 4-piece entertainment centers, you can create a custom look in your room. Configure it with shelves and cabinets surrounding your TV stand or sideboard, or place pieces in other places throughout the room to suit your style and space. These entertainment centers include a TV stand, sideboard, bookcases, cabinets, or shelves. 

5-piece entertainment centers: 5-piece entertainment centers can fill up a wall space or be broken up across the room, depending on your layout and design objectives. These stunning entertainment centers include a TV stand or sideboard, depending on the specific style, and other components, including a shelf or shelf set, bookcases, and cabinets.

Entertainment Center Placement

When you are ready to install your entertainment center, please be careful about how your room is laid out and keep an eye out for any potential issues. For example, avoid setting up an entertainment center that you’ll use for your TV in front of a window.  The sunlight could create a glare making it difficult to see the screen. If you purchase an entertainment center with a floating TV stand, an eye-level TV is best for viewing. And if you need to connect wires or cable cords, try to set your entertainment center up near power outlets and cable lines so that you don’t have unsightly wires running along your wall.

Order an Entertainment Center Online

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