Creative things to Display on your Bookcases (that aren’t books)

There are so many unique ways to store and display your belongings with a bookcase. You don’t have to own a library full of hardcovers to create a beautiful arrangement. In fact, most of us have our own unique items of value. And with that, comes the need to store or display them.

Enter the tried and true bookcase.

There are many different varieties of bookcases—some with open shelving, some with glass fronts, and others that offer more discreet storage solutions with opaque doors.

What you need will depend a lot upon the items you’re looking to store and your personal decor style. Do you want to hide things from view, yet have them easily accessible and neatly organized in your room? Or do you prefer to have belongings displayed on open shelves for all to see?

These questions are where you should begin when you’re looking for bookcases to store your things. Once you’ve settled on your style and personal needs, it’s time to shop!


Display unique things in picture frames

From family photos to your favorite artwork, it’s time you showed off some of those beautiful picture frames. Vary the frame styles and sizes to match your personal preference and then go to town.

For more out-of-the-box thinking, consider framing kids’ art, dried flowers, decorative scrapbook paper, or even pages from old books!


Find a home for knick-knacks, collectibles, or china


Who said a bookcase had to be used in the living room? The best part about modern bookcases is they are versatile and can easily fuse with any room’s decor.

Display your wine collection in the dining room or your collection of action figures in the den. The key here is not to overstuff shelves, but to display your cherished items in a decorative way. Negative space is just as important as what’s there. Create little vignettes and arrange your items purposefully to avoid a cluttered look.


Show-off your greenery

Plants are a great addition to home decor and they also happen to look pretty awesome when decorating your bookcases. You can make them the star of the show or use them more sparingly as accents in your shelving style. Just be sure to consider lighting and access for watering needs. Or of course you can always go faux!


For the vinyl record enthusiast

Got a vintage music collection that needs a home? Display it on a bookcase.

Find a bookcase (like one from our Soho Collection) that is around 16 inches deep. This ensures plenty of space to store those valuable records you’ve been collecting. A glass front door will also add protection from dust, grime or curious fingers.

If you're wanting a bit more flare, most of our bookcases feature multiple shelves with integrated LED lighting systems for optimal viewing of all your most precious stuff.


Add some baskets


When you have a lot of things and need them accessible but somewhat hidden, consider decorative baskets. It’s easy to keep organized and helps keep clutter to a minimum. Plus, they can be a beautiful display all on their own.

Baskets can be your mainstay or simply an accent around other items in your bookcases. Find what works for your needs.


For all the things that need a home

Yes, it’s true. We all accumulate stuff over time. And that stuff needs to find a home. For times like these, an enclosed bookcase (like something from our Fly collection) may be the best choice. Solid doors keep all your cherished things tucked away and your room stays neat and tidy looking.


Putting it all together


The best part of decorating your bookcases is that you don’t need to stick to just one thing. If you have books, put ‘em on there. If you want to add a few picture frames and a decorative basket as well, you can totally do that too.

Add variety to your shelves and make them your own. And know that the only rule there is when decorating your bookcase, is that there are no rules.