Guide to Bookcases

Bookcases are very versatile pieces of furniture. Use them to organize books and magazines, display souvenirs and collectibles, or decorate with different accent pieces to complete a design look for your room. Here are some tips from Meble Furniture to help you find the perfect shelves and bookcases for your home.

Popular Types of Bookcases

To select bookcases, look at different types and their function. The most common bookcase styles include:

Standard bookcases: Standard bookcases are usually large, single pieces of furniture. They are often tall and rectangular. They store and organize your books and other items and can serve as a showcase piece in your room. Some options come with equally spaced, horizontal shelves, while other bookcases have adjustable shelves.

Cube bookcases: Like standard bookcases, cube bookcases are often a single piece of furniture. They have cubic spaces where you can display books and items.  You could add a basket or bin to use the cubes like drawers. Cube bookcases come in different sizes and shapes.

Modular bookcases: Modular bookcases are very versatile. They are cube or standard shape and often come in sets of two or more. Configure them in different ways. Some modular bookcases interlock while others rest against each other. These come in many colors and stains.

Floating bookcase cabinets: Floating bookcase cabinets may look like a standard bookcase, but with closer observation, you’ll notice that they are not touching the ground but “floating” on the wall. Like other bookcases, these also serve a very functional storage purpose.

Leaning bookcases: Leaning bookcases, also called ladder shelves, may look tilted, but the shelves stay in place horizontally. Be careful how you use these bookcases and where you put them, so they don’t fall. With careful placement and the use of brackets, you can secure a ladder shelf in place.

Sizing for Bookcases

Once you’ve determined the style and purpose your bookcase will serve, measure your walls to ensure that your choices fit. You’ll want to look at how deep the bookcase should be and how much room you have. The three things to look at are height, width, and depth.

Height: Bookcases range in height from a few feet to extending almost to the ceiling. Different heights serve different purposes, both aesthetically and in function. A shorter bookcase can sometimes double as a buffet, whereas a tall one may hold more items and give your room a more formal look.

Width: Bookcase width generally correlates with its height. Shorter bookcases tend to be broad, whereas taller ones are often narrower. When opting for a tall bookcase, purchasing multiple units can help to anchor the room with flexible design options.

Depth:  Bookcases come in varying depths ranging from under 10 inches to over a foot. The depth impacts their use. For example, a very narrow bookcase cannot hold books. So consider the function of the furniture and how much depth you will need.

Buying Modern Bookcases

At Meble Furniture, buying modern bookcases is fast, easy, and convenient. After determining your perfect style, size, and color, place an order online. Each bookcase is flat packed and shipped fast to your door. Assembly and installation are simple, and our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.