Guide to Shelves

In many ways, shelves are the answer to your home’s challenges. If the walls seem bare and bland, shelves dress them up. If you lack storage, you can add shelves to your home. And if you have a favorite collection you want to display, shelves are the perfect way to share it. Use this versatile piece of furniture to place decorations, family treasures, photos, artwork, or even books and magazines. Meble Furniture offers a beautiful selection of stylish and functional shelves.

Different Types of Shelves

Shelves come in many different shapes and sizes. There are fixed brackets, floating, hanging, and even shelves with unique features such as lighting or glass doors. Some work well as a stand-alone piece on your wall. And others go great as a set or as part of an entertainment center.

To find shelves that fit your room, consider the style, size, and purpose they’ll serve.

Standard shelves are secured to the wall using visible, fixed brackets. They include a variety of styles, such as open storage and cube shelves. They can be stand-alone shelves, sets of shelves, or as part of a multi-storage system. They are versatile and fit well in any room.

Unlike standard shelving, floating wall shelves have no visible supports. As their name describes, it’s almost as though they “float” on the wall. This attractive, modern shelving works great for showcasing your collections, photos, barware, etc. Like standard shelves, floating wall shelves can be used for many different purposes and in different rooms.

Measuring for Shelves

Besides choosing a style, you’ll also want to measure your wall space to ensure the shelves you purchase fit well in your room. Use these steps to determine the measurements you’ll need for your new shelving.

Step 1: Decide on the purpose of your shelving and where you want to place it. For example, if you purchase media storage shelves, you may want to hang them near your entertainment center. If you opt for multiple shelves, you’ll need to decide what design layout to do – staggered or congruent.

Step 2: Stretch your measuring tape across the area where you want to hang each shelf and mark it with painter’s tape. Measure not only the distance across but the height starting from the ceiling so that you attach the shelf evenly.

Step 3: Take a step away from the wall and look at your markings. Envision the shelf there. Are you happy with the placement? Make sure it is at the right level and works well in that spot.

Step 4: If you are hanging multiple shelves, determine the distance you want to place them apart, and use your tape measure once again to measure this distance. If you plan to put books, art, or other decorative pieces of varying heights, ensure enough space between the shelves to hold the tallest item. Add a few additional inches to ensure enough clearing space for that item.

Step 5: Finally, measure the depth of the shelves. Think about the things you want to display on them and ensure that the shelves you hang are deep enough to hold them. There should be at least one to two inches of space between the object and the end of the shelf.

Buying Modern Shelving

Modern shelving is a beautiful way to add interest and style to your room. And its versatility allows you to change the items you display anytime you want a fresh, new look. At Meble Furniture, purchasing your shelves online is fast and convenient. After measuring your room and determining the type of shelves you want, place your order. Our wall shelves are flat-packed and ready to ship. And, like all of our products, they come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.