Sideboards & Buffets

Guide to Sideboards and Buffets

Sideboards and buffet tables are versatile, attractive pieces of furniture that you can use for many purposes. A sideboard or buffet allows you to tuck away your table linens, dinnerware, serving trays, and cutlery without taking up valuable space in your kitchen. You could also use your sideboard to display and store your barware, wines, and spirits. Or, if you have children, use a buffet or sideboard to strategically hide toys, arts, and crafts away when not in use.

Sideboards and buffets usually have a flat surface on top that you can decorate for holidays. This surface is also great for entertaining because you can use it for appetizers, desserts, or spirits for a party.

Sideboard and Buffet Table Styles

There are numerous styles of sideboards and buffets available at Meble Furniture.

Modern sideboards and buffets work well in contemporary spaces or transitional ones. They combine robust design perfected over the years and current style elements. They come in various unique configurations for use in any room and for different purposes.

Industrial sideboards get their name from raw materials such as steel and wood. This style of buffet or sideboard is edgy and urban and works well in loft-style apartments and homes. Like other sideboard styles, it is an accent piece you can use in virtually any room.

Classic or traditional sideboards are designed to match a formal dining room table. You don't have to pair this buffet with your table. You can utilize it in any room. A classic buffet is usually a wood stain or painted wood with ornate designs and carvings.

Farmhouse sideboards give your home a warm cottage look. This style is usually a sturdy piece of furniture that resembles an antique. It's often painted in light and bright colors such as white or eggshell, with accents in patina or wood.

Different Ways to Use a Sideboard or Buffet

If you never have enough storage in your house, a sideboard or buffet is a great and stylish solution. Although initially designed to store dining room pieces such as china, serving platters, and glassware, you can use these sparingly.

You can place them in virtually any room. A sideboard makes a lovely and unique nightstand in a bedroom. It also works well in tight spaces such as hallways. A hallway buffet can store your umbrellas, keys, gloves, hats, or other items you need access to when you come and go from your home.

You could use your buffet or sideboard in your living room as an entertainment center. Or place one in a bathroom to store extra towels and linens. Sideboards and buffets could work anywhere you need extra storage in your house. They have a low profile and often come with large doors for easy access to your belongings. Use them anywhere you want to reduce clutter.

How to Choose a Sideboard or Buffet

Does your sideboard have to match the table?  It can, but there is no hard and fast rule that you have to check. Matching might be best if you are going for a very traditional dining room look. But beyond that, choose a sideboard or buffet that compliments your room's other furnishing and style.

Style is essential when choosing a sideboard or buffet, but so is size. For example, a sideboard for your hallway shouldn’t stick out too far.

Sizing for Buffets and Sideboards

Measurements for buffets and sideboards include height, width, and depth. Using a measuring tape, jot down the dimensions of your space and compare them to the dimensions of the buffet or sideboard you want to purchase. If you shop online for a sideboard or buffet, you could easily map out how much space it would take in your room by measuring that space.

Also, consider its function. For sideboards and buffets that you plan to use for storing extra serving platters, dishes, and cutlery, you should find a deeper buffet with plenty of cabinets or drawers. If you use your sideboard for media and entertainment, find one with open shelves to place cable boxes, DVD players, etc. Determining this in advance can help you focus on the best home option.

Ordering Modern Sideboards and Buffets Online

Selecting and purchasing a sideboard online is simple with Meble Furniture. Choose the one you'd like and check out with our safe and secure payment options. Your new sideboard or buffet is flat-packed and ready to ship to your home, along with easy-to-follow instructions.