Floating TV Stands

Guide to Floating TV Stands

A wall-mounted floating TV stand provides your entertainment center with a unique, modern look. It can anchor your flat-screen television and store your accompanying media. A floating wall-mount TV stand is functional and sleek at the same time. Whether you need extra space or a stylish modern look, this is the perfect TV stand for your home.

Meble Furniture has a wide selection of wall-mounted floating TV stands. Here are a few tips to help guide you with your choice.

Different Styles of Floating TV Stands

Choose from multiple styles of wall-mounted TV stands for your home. We offer various options with clean lines and sophisticated, modern looks. Each floating television stand includes shelves, cabinets, drawers, or a combination. Select a slender and long TV stand, or choose one that offers more depth and ample storage. Some of the floating TV stands also include light systems with remote and color control.

Choosing a Wall Mounted Floating TV Stand Color

Floating wall-mount TV stands have a modern look. Still, they also complement various styles – from a contemporary family room to an elegant, minimalist living room, you can find one well-suited for your home. Choose an oak or gray finish to soften your space. Or go with black or white versions of floating TV stands to complete a modern look. Even wall-mounted floating TV stands in two-tone combinations of white, black, gray, and oak.

Floating TV Stand Sizes

To determine the right size for your wall-mounted floating TV stand, start with the size of your room and television. If you have ample wall space to fill, choose a long floating TV stand with shelves and cabinets to help anchor the room. Select a smaller TV stand if you have a small space.

Be sure to take into consideration the size of your TV as well. While it is attractive to display a wall-mounted TV stand that is longer than your television, avoid choosing a shorter one. To determine the minimum length, use the table below:

40” to 49” television

Shop stands at least 39”

50” to 59” television

Shop stands at least 46”

60” to 69” television

Shop stands at least 54”

70” to 79” television

Shop stands at least 63”

Over 80”

Shop stands at least 72”

Order Wall Mounted TV Stand Online

Compliment your flat-screen TV with a beautiful modern wall-mounted entertainment center. Our floating TV stands hide unruly cords, conceal DVD players and video game systems, and add style and function to your room.  Check out our impressive selection of wall-mounted floating TV stands.