Guide to Nightstands

A nightstand is a small table strategically placed on the side of your bed. It’s both functional and stylish. Nightstands may be small furniture, but they serve several significant purposes. A nightstand helps balance out the look of your room, and it’s a convenient place to store things you need by your bed, such as a favorite book or a pair of glasses.

Meble Furniture carries an attractive selection of nightstands to complement your bedroom furniture.

Why Buy a Nightstand?

While some people may fall fast asleep as soon as they get in bed, many do not. They tend to unwind by reading a book, surfing on their smartphone, watching the television, or even listening to music.

With a nightstand, you have a place to store things that you like to keep close by without getting up again once you are in bed. You can turn a lamp off, take off your glasses, or set your book or smartphone down on the nightstand when you’re ready to retire for the night. Plus, many nightstands come with drawers, so you can neatly tuck away these things without cluttering your room.

Nightstands also help tie your room together. A small bedside table gives the room balance and warmth. You can also decorate your nightstand with fresh flowers, a candle, a colorful lamp, or another type of décor to give your room a personalized, unique look.

Considerations when Shopping for Nightstands

There are many types of nightstands available. You can pair your bed with a nightstand that shares the same style or mix it up for variety. It’s your space to retreat and relax, and the type of nightstand you choose should reflect this. Aside from style, also think about your budget, the size of your room and bed, and any storage needs.

Nightstand styles can range from a simple bedside table, a floating nightstand, a table with a tiny drawer or shelf, or a small chest with multiple drawers for storage. If you like the furniture and it works in your space, you can use it as a nightstand.

Size should also factor into this decision. Ideally, your nightstand should be about the same height as your mattress.

If you need more storage, choose a nightstand with drawers. You can use your nightstand drawers to keep things close by that you like to access at night (such as a good book), use the drawers to store extra clothing and office documents, or even keep toys in a child’s room.

Once you’ve selected a nightstand, you can also accessorize it. Keep the décor simple. You can place a lamp or clock on your nightstand and pair it with a picture frame, candle, or even a small vase with flowers. Don’t overcrowd it with too many items that you may knock off in the middle of the night.

Depending on your room and bed placement, you could choose two nightstands for a more uniform look. This is very common, especially when the bed is placed in the center of a room or you share it with a partner. If you opt for two matching nightstands, you should get coordinating lamps to tie it all together.

Ordering Nightstands Online

Meble Furniture has stylish nightstands that are manufactured and imported from Europe. Ordering with us is secure and straightforward. Our nightstands are flat-packed and ready to ship within 24 hours in most cases.