How To Choose The Perfect Wardrobe

When putting together the perfect bedroom, every piece of furniture counts. It’s so important to choose the right sort of piece for your needs, especially with big items like beds, dressers and of course, wardrobes. Standing tall and broad, these bedroom behemoths can define your bedroom for better, or for worse.

We want to help you make the right choice when shopping for wardrobes. So we’ve created a short guide to walk you through your main options when it comes to picking a wardrobe. Read on to find out more.


Wall Mounted Wardrobes

Do you want to project a modern, contemporary style? Is a minimal and non-intrusive design what you’re looking for? If you answered yes to both, then you may want to consider a wall mounted wardrobe. These clever designs sit within the wall, freeing up extra floor space and creating an ultra-modern aesthetic. They offer a great way to get more storage without sacrificing on any overall space in the room.


Sliding Doors


For a sleek and sexy design, look no further than a wardrobe with sliding doors. Especially useful in small spaces where swinging open a door would be impractical, these pieces ooze style. With a smoothly sliding door, opening the wardrobe is an easy process that lets you access clothes swiftly. For an example of a good quality sliding door wardrobe, take a look at our Aria 2 Door 47"/59" Wardrobe.


Free Standing Wardrobes

For the most classic design, go for a freestanding piece. These wardrobes are effective storage units with a simple elegance that’s full of charm. Often available in the most varied range of colors and materials, from wood to plastic, these guys are perfect for personalization.

Unlike their wall mounted cousins, freestanding wardrobes are easy to move and let you try different arrangements in your bedroom. On the other hand, they take up valuable floor space and can dominate rooms, especially if oversized.


The Walk In Wardrobe

For when a normal wardrobe just won't cut it, how about a walk in wardrobe? This option won’t be for everyone. You’ll need a whole extra room and presumably enough clothes to fill it, which not everyone will have. This luxurious option gives you unparalleled scope for organizing and displaying your clothes. You’ll be able to organize your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories easily, and even have room for a makeup table. But be warned, they don’t come cheap.


Mirror, mirror, on the wardrobe


How’d you like a wardrobe with a mirror? This can be a great way of getting a full-sized mirror into your bedroom without sacrificing floor space. We have many wardrobes that offer this, from those which cover the whole frontage with a mirror, like the Aria 2 Door 47"/59" Wardrobe with All Mirror Fronts to the Aria 2 Door 47"/59" Wardrobe with Mirror which only covers half.


Don’t forget the fine print

Choosing furniture can be difficult. But no matter how much research you do, one thing’s for certain…you might still get the wrong thing. That’s when the Returns Policy of your chosen supplier really counts.

We want to help you create your perfect bedroom, so that’s why we offer conditional 30 day returns.

We also offer Limited Warranty 90 days from delivery, meaning that if you have any problems, there’s a good chance we can address them.

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