How To Choose the Right TV Stand

Picking the right TV stand is no doubt important. It’s often the main focal point of a space where you’ll spend so much time relaxing. But you’ll also be entertaining friends and family here. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to make sure your superb taste and style is on display… so it’s gotta be perfect.

Getting the combo right is easy, with a little help, and that’s what we’re here to teach you today. TV stands come in a range of different colors, and it can be hard to know what’s the best option. In this article, we’ll dive into the topic, so you can get it right when you shop for TV stands.


Consider The Surrounding Area

Your TV stand should complement the furniture of the room where it’s placed. That means if you’ve got a modern contemporary feel in the room, then something glass, metal, or monochrome will fit the bill. It’s more important that your TV stand works well with the room rather than the TV itself. So if it’s in a mainly white room, a white stand will work well.


Consider The Materials


You’ll also need to consider the material your stand is made from. Do you have a taste for modern, high-tech styles? Or do you prefer something more traditional? Consider the rest of your décor and decide what your vibe is. For modern styles, go for the sharp edginess of metal. For something more rustic, try wood.

There are three main types of material for TV stands:

  • Wood. The most popular material for TV stands. This material is fantastic for presenting a wide array of color choices. Lighter woods such as oak or pine can create a bright and airy feel, while darker hues like maple or ash look warm and mysterious.
  • Glass. Glass is very adaptable, coming in a wide array of shapes and sizes making it very popular with consumers looking for a unique style. They suit the modern look well, are relatively inexpensive, and can come in many colors, offering plenty of scope for customization.
  • Metal. The least common material, at least these days, is metal. If you prefer something sturdier and more solid, there are a wide selection of metal stands to choose from, coming in every color you can think of.


Which Colors Would Work?

Now we’re up to speed with materials, let's focus on color. It’s ultimately down to your tastes, but it’s important to understand how the color affects the overall look of the room.

For rustic, more traditionally styled rooms where you’ll want a wooden stand, make sure you pick a color like dark brown or white that matches the rest of the room to accentuate the cozy feeling that wood helps imbibe.

Glass is excellent for making your room feel modern and even futuristic in some cases. If you can, try to pair a glass stand with other glass furniture like coffee tables or ornaments. Try a teal tint on your glass TV stand for an eye-catching style.

Metal stands usually come in black with glass features like shelves. This is good for when you want your TV stand to take a back seat in the décor, not interfering with the look of the room. Although black is the typical choice, you can find metal TV stands in all sorts of colors, from blue to white, yellow and red.


Put It All Together


Today we’ve talked about how when it comes to picking the color of your TV stand, it’s about more than just color. You’ve got to consider the vibe of the room it’s going in, then match the vibe to what material you choose for your stand. Then and only then should you think about what colors speak to you and make your decision.

Good luck!

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