To Mount, or Not To Mount?

TV Mounting Vs. Entertainment Centers

So you've spent weeks agonizing over things like pixel rates, screen dimensions, sound quality, and other aspects, and finally... you've done it: you've purchased your brand new TV.

Now that you've chosen the perfect flat-screen, there's one more thing to do before you can sit back and relax... decide whether to mount it or not.

There is a range of benefits and drawbacks associated with TV mounts and entertainment centers, and it's a decision that should be taken with care.

To find out some positive and negative aspects of each setup, read on.


Entertainment centers: The good 

  • Style. Entertainment centers can become attractive focal points for a room, tying a space together and making a design statement that expresses your style. You can choose different styles to suit your aesthetic: be it minimalist, contemporary, bohemian, or otherwise.
  • Storage. Entertainment centers tend to be large and bulky, offering plenty of space for storage. This is a great way of storing things like books, consoles, magazines, and toys.


Entertainment centers: The bad

  • Safety concerns. Accidents can happen, so if you've got young children, be careful with an entertainment center. Even adults can cause damage to your TV if they happen to bump into it, so consider fastening your entertainment center and TV to the wall to avoid this.
  • Suitability. Your big, luxurious entertainment center might not work so well in a small space or a mismatched room configuration. However, they do seem to work well in rooms with a dedicated TV wall. That means you should avoid cramped spaces like bedrooms or kitchens.
  • Limited setup options. These bulky pieces of furniture are static and difficult to adjust exactly to your desired angle and height. Theoretically, you could adjust the height of your entertainment center, but that would increase the likelihood of an accident or damage to your TV.
  • Gathering dust. There will usually be a small gap underneath the unit that becomes the perfect place for dust, keys, remotes, and children's toy to congregate. Not a fun place to be when cleaning or fishing for your possessions.


Mounting your TV: The good


  • Have both. Can't decide? You can use them in conjunction. Mount your TV to the wall and place the entertainment center underneath and you'll get the storage along with the improved options for TV placement.
  • Safety. Providing your TV is properly fixed to the wall is the safer option ensuring no chance of your TV falling from its position.
  • Minimalist, modern feel. A mounted TV can be the best option for achieving a sleek and stylish look. It's especially practical for rooms where you're struggling for space. It's possible to fit TVs in all sorts of rooms if they're mounted, like a bedroom, kitchen, or game room.
  • Open up the room. Since your mounted TV can be on its own, you've got plenty of options for rearranging.


What's wrong with a mounted TV?

  • No storage. Without all those drawers and cupboards provided by an entertainment center, you'll have to find new places to store your consoles, books, and more. Floating shelves, coffee tables, or chests can help in this respect.
  • Wires. Dangling wires can ruin your sleek and minimalistic mounted TV look. You can try tying the wires together or boxing them in if you've got DIY skills.


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