Impress Your Guests with a Perfectly Furnished Foyer

You can have the most beautifully decorated home, but if your front hall is boring, you’re missing out on a lot of design potential, not to mention wow factor.

Whether your entryway is a few square feet or a substantial area to welcome visitors, it is the very first thing guests see.

And while it’s often thought of for its functional uses—reception area, guest seating, and storage—it serves an aesthetic purpose as well. The foyer sets the visual tone for the rest of your home and should never be merely an afterthought.

That’s why if you’re decorating (or re-decorating) your entryway, then be sure to consider these elements if you want to really wow your guests.


Optimize Storage 


Probably its most essential function, the foyer needs to provide some level of storage. Whether you accomplish this with built-ins or a freestanding coat rack, you need a place to set things like coats, hats, shoes, and umbrellas.

Sideboards or console tables are also useful to organize keys, purses, and mail.

The furniture you choose will ultimately depend on your space and personal needs, but remember that practicality doesn’t have to mean bland. With some imagination, your foyer can accomplish all your storage needs while serving as a dynamic, exciting space all its own.


Add Color

Your foyer is like the appetizer to a fantastically designed 5 course meal. If you want to give it a little extra spice, then consider your walls.

Adding some bold color to the foyer can really elevate the space. Be sure to coordinate your color choice with the rest of the home. If you’ve got mostly neutral walls, then try a bright accent color for some real punch.

Or maybe dark and moody is more your style. You can easily keep it balanced by pairing with lighter furniture and accessories.


Incorporate Seating


If your space allows for it, adding seating is another great way to upgrade your entryway. A small bench or ottoman can provide a place to slip on shoes or make a phone call.

For larger areas, consider a chair or two with a small table and lamp. Add a pop of color with some greenery and a cozy throw blanket. Your guests are sure to feel an instant welcoming feeling when they walk through your door.


Light It Up

Adequate lighting is more than just a design element, it is essential for a safe and functional entrance. You want to avoid tripping hazards on rugs or other furnishings, and make it easy for guests to navigate the space.

Overhead lighting can be extremely effective and will not affect the flow of the room. Make a statement by hanging a chandelier or pendant light from a high ceiling. Wall sconces or a table lamp can be options in smaller spaces.

And don’t forget your best friend: natural light. If you have them, keep hallway window coverings light and airy so that natural light is allowed to flow into the space.


Use Artwork


Your entryway is a fantastic place to wow visitors with your art. Display your favorite piece front and center or create an eclectic gallery collection. This is where you can incorporate bold styles, colors or themes.

Engaging art will draw in the eye and can be an excellent conversation starter when friends and family come to visit. It’s an easy way to infuse personality and style into your entryway.

And bonus: art is relatively easy to swap out when you want a change!


Putting It All Together

Your foyer is one of the most high-traffic areas of your home. But beyond its utilitarian purpose, it is your home’s first impression to the world. Don’t neglect adding some thoughtful design elements to it.

Create the wow-inspiring entryway that your house deserves.