Here's How to Create your Own Small Media Room

The lights go dark, faces are lit by the screen, the smell and sounds of munched popcorn fill the room. We've all been here before. Except this time, you've not had to take one step outside your door to get here.

This is what you could experience after creating your own media room...

These days, we're spending more and more time at home, snuggled up in front of the TV with our favorite snacks and the best shows and movies. But we can make it way better. Creating a dedicated relaxation and recreation space can be truly rewarding, giving you the perfect space to shut out stress and truly unwind.

If you want to learn how to create your own media room, read on as we take you through our short guide.


Location, location, location

What part of your home do you want to transform? When choosing the location for your media room, remember that you need full control over light and sound. Fail to consider these and you could be disappointed.

That means you want a room that's suitable for creating a lot of noise in — one that doesn't avoid a neighbors house, for example — and that doesn't let in a lot of light or require constant use. For these reasons, basements, rooms adjacent to living rooms, garages (ensuring they're secure), and spare guest rooms are popular choices.


Get your tools out 

Now that you've chosen a suitable room, does it align with your technical and audio-visual needs? Any proper media room needs to be custom wired for things like lighting, video, audio, and (this is essential, these days), internet access. No one likes to see wires dangling all over the place, so make sure your room allows for concealment within the drywall or in subtle tubing around the room.


Fit to scale


On to TV size. Contrary to what a TV seller may tell you - bigger isn't always better. You and your guests will feel overwhelmed by an oversized TV in a small media room. Conversely, you could be underwhelmed by a TV that feels dwarfed by its surroundings.

Consider your space and make an informed decision about what size TV will be best suited. Then, decide how much room you have to fit audio equipment and seating. We recommend measuring your room and drawing a rough plan which you can use to experiment with layouts on paper before committing to anything.


Making it your own

Now for the exciting part, making it feel truly ''yours''. You may choose to emulate a traditional cinema or you could go for an entirely different theme. Perhaps you'd like an ocean vibe, or maybe you want to evoke the atmosphere of your favorite movie? Use lighting, furniture, decoration, and more to take your media room in whatever direction you want - the sky's the limit! 


Have an open mind

Not everyone has the space for a media room reminiscent of a millionaire's mansion. But that doesn't mean that it's not possible to create a truly magical space for you and your family. So, keep an open mind. We've seen media rooms that double as kitchens, ones that adjoin the home bar, or some which fit snugly in the hallway. Each is fantastic in its own way.


Furniture that feels right


When creating your perfect media room, great quality furniture should be a priority.

Consider taking a look at our range of entertainment centers.

Our fans adore them and you never know, one of them could become an important part of your new media room.