Do You Have Lofty Ambitions For Loft Living?

Before we begin, let’s set one thing straight: We’re discussing a loft apartment in its truest form.

Traditionally, a loft is in an industrial space such as a factory. It’s one large space with exposed pipes and ductwork, concrete or wood floors, and huge windows.

Loft ceilings are high (sometimes 15 feet or more) and have exposed wood or steel beams. (If you’re lucky, your loft ceiling will have vintage embossed tin tiles. Bonus!)

Some lofts have a pull-down or sliding oversized steel doors. Initially sized for bringing in machinery or crates, these doors also block elevator access.


Beauty and the Beast


The beauty of a loft is all that vast open space and those tall, tall windows.

And the beast of loft living is dividing the space for different uses, such as sleeping, cooking, working, and achieving privacy despite all those windows.

And did we mention that loft apartments don’t have closets or other designed storage space?

Luckily, we have solutions. So. Many. Solutions.


Go for the Zone


You have several options for creating distinct room-like zones throughout your loft.

Some are more architectural than others. We’re reasonably confident that your bathroom should have solid walls.

You may want more privacy in your sleeping area, too. A raised platform enclosed by freestanding wardrobes securely bolted down will help delineate that area.

As for the rest, area rugs are a great way to delineate the different spaces throughout your loft, such as the dining area, living room, and office.

And believe it or not, you’re going to want something that functions like a wall, without being a wall.



Our wardrobes are the perfect solution. Because they are vastly configurable and come in different styles, widths, and colors, they have myriad uses throughout your space. What kind of uses?

  • Clothing Closet
  • Media Console
  • Linen Closet
  • Coat Closet
  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Dry bar
  • Costco overflow

Whew! And here’s something that we think is cool. Our wardrobes are shipped flat for you to assemble, which means you don’t have to wrestle large pieces of furniture.

Another idea to create zones is bookcases. Many of our floor-standing bookcases include LED lighting that adds a nice touch.

But if you want to keep things light and airy, consider ceiling track-hung sheer panels that you can reconfigure whenever the mood strikes.


Go Big or Go Home


When you have one big room and disproportionately high ceilings, appropriately scaled furnishings are essential. Otherwise, your loft will look like you furnished it with doll furniture.

Choose medium to large pieces that create visual weight. Add a large vase or plant on top of wardrobes, cabinets, or other elements for added height.
And let’s talk about your entertainment center.



A loft means you can have the most prominent TV your budget allows. Space is no object! Our wall-mounted floating entertainment centers allow you to spread things out. Because electric outlets will probably be wall-mounted, your entertainment center, TV, and even electric fireplace can be too.

(A fireplace in a loft? Of course!)

And lastly, don’t forget the artwork and lighting. This is the place for that floor vase or modern sculpture.

And when the sun goes down, you’ll want to turn on some lights. Mix it up between ceiling-mounted track or spotlights and chandeliers and pendant lights on really long chains.

There you have it! Now it’s your turn to start furnishing the loft you’ve always desired (even if you aren’t a New York artist.)