Wood Entertainment Centers

Guide to Wood Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers come in a variety of styles and finishes. Wood entertainment centers are a popular choice because they blend well with many different types of décor. Whether constructed from solid or engineered wood, you’ll find that these entertainment centers are sturdy, durable, and stand the test of time. If you are shopping for wood entertainment centers, there are a few things to consider before settling on one: size, function, type of wood, and style.

Sizes of Entertainment Centers

Let’s start with size and function - the more practical things to look for in wood entertainment centers. Size is important because you want to ensure that the entertainment center you select fits well in your space and with your television. If you are limited on wall space, you’ll want to make sure the wood entertainment center isn’t too big. Alternatively, if you have a large wall, a small entertainment center could feel “swallowed up” by your space unless you plan to tie in some other decorative items there. So before you begin browsing wood entertainment centers, it’s a good idea to know your measurements (height, width, length). That way you can focus on the wood entertainment centers that fit your parameters and eliminate the ones that don’t.

Function is also an important factor with wood entertainment centers. Granted, entertainment centers are commonly used as TV stands, but you can also get other uses out of them in addition to holding your television. If you frequently use other types of media to play music or video games, then you'll want to look at wood entertainment centers that can accommodate gaming consoles, audio equipment, or home theater systems.

Entertainment Center Storage

If you do have a lot of media equipment, then cable management should also be a consideration when shopping for wood entertainment centers. Look for ones with built-in features to organize and conceal cables and wires so that your entertainment center is safe and neat.

Other wood entertainment center features to consider are shelving lighting and drawer space. If you have items to display in your entertainment center, consider options with shelves and built-in lighting so you can highlight your favorite things, even at night. Some wood entertainment centers have adjustable shelves that you can configure to accommodate different sized items and devices.

Drawers are handy too, especially when you want to neatly store miscellaneous items like remote controls, manuals, or other small accessories. Finally, if you want an entertainment center that can adapt to your changing needs, consider wood entertainment centers with modular pieces that you can customize.

Choosing a Wood Entertainment Center

Once you've determined these things, it's easier to shop for wood entertainment centers because you can focus on the ones that fit your needs and eliminate those that don't. But there are still several choices to be made when it comes to wood entertainment centers: type of wood and style.

If you already have an existing design theme in your room, choose wood entertainment centers that fit well with your current décor. For example, if you have oak furniture in the room, you may want to stick with oak as the type of wood entertainment center you select. Or, if your room has a modern theme to it, then you may want to focus on modern wood entertainment centers for your space vs. traditional ones.

Granted there are several things to consider when shopping for wood entertainment centers, but knowing in advance what you want and need in an entertainment center will help you to make a more informed buying decision.