Set of 2 Nightstands

Guide to Set of 2 Nightstands

To give your room an elegant and finished look, consider adding a set of 2 nightstands. Our modern, matching nightstands are both stylish and functional.  They give your bedroom balance and a surface area on both sides of your bed for lamps, books, alarm clocks, etc.

Types of Nightstands

Meble Furniture has various styles of nightstands to choose from in sleek, contemporary designs. To decide on the perfect set of 2 nightstands, you’ll want to consider some of their important attributes.

How to Choose the Right Nightstand Size

First, check the height of the nightstand set that you’re interested in. If you want a consistent look, choose nightstands that are as tall as the top of your mattress. Beds with tall bases or mattress pads pair well with taller nightstands, whereas low-profile nightstands work best with shorter beds.

The surface area also matters when choosing your set of 2 nightstands. Make sure to choose nightstands with the right amount of surface area. And if you need additional storage space, look for matching nightstands with drawers, shelves, or cabinets that can store your items.

Where to Buy Nightstands

At Meble Furniture, you’ll find a nice selection of nightstand sets to choose from. Our exquisite, modern nightstands come in a variety of colors and styles. Find your ideal set of 2 nightstands today and we’ll deliver them to your home quickly Most furnishings ship within 1-2 business days.