Oak Sideboards

Guide to Oak Sideboards

Oak sideboards come in various styles and finishes. They are used primarily in dining and living spaces, but their design is versatile enough that you can use them in hallways and other rooms too. Oak sideboards typically feature a flat top surface for serving or displaying items. Depending on the style, they may include cabinets, drawers, or shelves. While sideboards come in different colors, the use of oak gives a sideboard a natural aesthetic.

How to Use a Sideboard

Sideboards have been used for hundreds of years. Their original purpose was to serve food. Today many people still use oak sideboards for this purpose. Since sideboards generally have a flat surface, they are handy for setting snacks, and beverages, or even serving a meal buffet-style. Their cabinets, shelves, and drawers are useful for storing away serving dishes, utensils, drinkware, and linens when they're not in use.

But now oak sideboards are used for other purposes too. You can use an oak sideboard in a living room to store your media, display photos and collectibles, or store away seasonal accessories that are not in use. If you don't have enough closet space in your home, you could also place an oak sideboard in a bathroom or hallway to store extra linens or towels.

Choosing the Right Oak Sideboard

There are a variety of styles when it comes to oak sideboards. Each one offers unique characteristics in terms of appearance, durability, and cost. Here’s what to look for when choosing an oak sideboard:

  • Quality of Construction: Look for oak sideboards with solid craftsmanship and construction You can find well-made sideboards that are solid oak or high-quality oak veneers.
  • Appearance: Oak sideboards come in natural finishes that showcase the wood's grain as well as stained finishes for a specific color. Both are great options; however, one style may fit better with your existing décor.
  • Functionality: Think about what you plan to use your oak sideboard for. Look for features such as drawers, cabinets, and shelves that provide ample space for your specific items.

Each type of oak sideboard has its unique beauty and characteristics. To find the best one for your home, find one that fits well with your existing décor and has the functionality you are looking for in oak sideboards.