Oak Dressers

Guide to Oak Dressers

Whether you are looking for new bedroom furniture or an organizational solution for another room, oak dressers offer a stylish solution to your storage needs. Oak has been a popular choice in furniture dating back to medieval times. The color of oak has a warm, earthy hue. It exudes natural warmth and adds character to furniture, complementing many different color schemes and styles.

Oak dressers can be used in any space where you need extra storage including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, home offices, and more. They maximize your vertical space to create a designated and organized place to store virtually anything that can fit inside them. Use this guide to help you find the perfect oak dresser for your home.

Top Things to Look for in a New Oak Dresser

Naturally, you want a dresser that looks great in your home – and you’ll find many oak dressers to fit that description. But aside from looks, there are a few other things to keep in mind as you search for the ideal dresser.

First, is function and storage. Oak dressers, like any other color, come in various shapes and sizes. To make sure you choose one that you can get the most use out of, assess your storage needs and look for ones that have the number of drawers and features you need. This will help you keep an organized and clutter-free space. Size is another consideration. You may want to measure the area to ensure you have a good fit.

Finally, look for oak dressers that fit well with your existing décor. Since oak has such a neutral tone, it's likely the color will work. But you still want to make sure to the style – whether its contemporary, rustic, modern, or more of a traditional look – fits with the rest of your decor.

Different Styles of Oak Dressers

Speaking of styles, oak dressers come in various styles showcasing their beautiful look and versatility. Classic options of oak dressers may include intricate carvings whereas rustic styles feature a distressed look. With contemporary styles of oak dressers, you'll find sleek lines and light finishes that provide a modern touch. Scandinavian-inspired oak dressers prioritize simplicity, featuring clean lines and light oak hues, seamlessly blending into modern or mid-century interiors. Finding the right style for your home should be a combination of your needs in a dresser and your taste.

Incorporating Oak Dressers in Your Home

Integrating oak dressers into your home involves some thoughtful design choices. First, you want to make sure the color harmonizes with your existing palette. Oak dressers look great with both neutral and complementary hues. For emphasis on your new oak dresser, strategically position it as a focal point, drawing attention to its natural beauty and coordinating it with matching furniture. To complete the look, personalize your new oak dresser with decorative accents like mirrors, photos, greenery, and other accessories.

While this is a great look for your bedroom, you are not limited to using it in the bedroom. Oak dressers can also be used as a storage solution that maximizes your space in virtually any room. Contemporary design trends embrace the versatility of oak dressers, going beyond the traditional bedroom confines. Today, you’ll find oak dressers in living rooms, entryways, and even dining areas, dressers offer functional storage with a stylish touch.