Mid-Century Modern TV Stands

Guide to Mid-Century Modern TV Stands

Mid-century modern TV stands go well with flat-screen TVs. They anchor the space and provide storage for items such as speakers and media. They also help your TV look less lonely hanging on the wall. Meble Furniture’s mid-century modern TV stands are sleek, stylish, and functional. Read on for more information about choosing one of these TV stands for your home.

How to Choose a Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Before making a selection, you should know the measurements of your TV. So that you know, televisions are measured differently than furniture. To get the proper TV measurements, start at the top left corner and measure diagonally to the bottom right corner. Use these dimensions and our TV Stand Size Guide to determine the minimum size of the TV stand you should get.

Mid-Century Modern Television Stand Size, Placement, and Spacing

TV stands should be wider than the television. How wide to go depends on you and the space in your room. If you have a large wall, go much wider to help fill the space. If you’re tight on room, a smaller one will work best if it fits your TV's size. 

Why Choose the Mid-Century Design?

Why choose from mid-century modern TV stands instead of traditional TV stands? This is generally a style preference. Mid-century modern TV stands have fine lines and a contemporary look. This style doesn’t take up as much space as big bulky TV stands. It’s great for rooms that already have modern, contemporary furnishings, but you can also mix this style with others. It’s that versatile.

Mid-century modern TV stands have a great aesthetic appeal; you can store all items inside their cabinets, drawers, or shelves. Tuck away toys, different media, or even books and magazines. There are so many possibilities!

Shop Meble Furniture’s collection of mid-century modern TV stands today and get yours delivered fast. Most items ship within 1-2 business days.