Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Guide to Mid-Century Modern Furniture

If you’re looking for a versatile and attractive piece of furniture to enhance one of the rooms in your home, mid-century modern sideboards are the way to go. With a sleek, contemporary design, large surface area, and plenty of storage space, these elegant sideboards can be used for various functions in any room or hallway.

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Some of the more common characteristics of mid-century modern furniture include

• Geometric shapes that are basic in design for the look of clean lines
• A diverse range of colors, materials, and textures
• Simplistic designs that rarely use the ornate elements of other styles
• Function-first philosophy that is followed by form.

Mid-century modern furniture design was influenced heavily by Danish Modernism and German style. The mid-1900s boom created an urgent need for housing, which meant a higher demand for furniture. With technological advances and new materials being used for furniture, mid-century modern was born.

Where to Place Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Unlike some other styles, mid-century modern furniture remains an iconic style in homes, businesses, and even museums. You can design an entire room around the mid-century modern style or add a piece of furniture with this look to your home. Mid-century modern pieces work well with other types of furniture too.

Buying Mid-Century Modern Furniture Online

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