Living Room Coffee Tables

Guide to Living Room Coffee Tables

Living room coffee tables come in a variety of styles and serve multiple purposes. From offering a decorative place to complete your living room look, to practical purposes such as entertaining or working, living room coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture that help you create an elegant and functional living space.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Living Room Coffee Table

Because living room coffee tables come in so many different shapes, sizes, and styles, it can be overwhelming trying to choose one. Before you begin your shopping adventure, there are some factors to consider that will help you narrow the selection and focus on the ones that are the best fit for you.

Living room coffee tables should be neither too large nor too small for your space. Look for ones that maintain a balanced proportion with your surrounding furniture. Generally speaking, living room coffee tables should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa. You'll want to allow about 12-18 inches of space around the table for easy movement. Also, choose a height that is similar to or slightly lower than your sofa.

Additionally, consider the shape of the coffee table. Living room coffee tables come in round, oval, rectangular, square shapes, and more. Select a shape that fits with your room layout and personal preference. If you have small children, you may want to consider styles of living room coffee tables with rounded edges or no sharp corners for safety purposes. If you need extra storage, opt for one with drawers and shelves. For versatility, choose a design that can be easily adapted to different purposes such as a surface for work, entertaining, or dining.

Completing Your Look with Living Room Coffee Tables

Living room coffee tables provide visual balance and proportion to your space. Not only do they offer a convenient and usable surface, but they also serve as a blank canvas for you to add your style and décor to the living room. To complete your living room look with a coffee table, add visually appealing items like candles, vases, or decorative bowls. You could also stack books or arrange magazines for a touch of sophistication, introduce plants and flowers for a natural element, or place a decorative tray on top to organize smaller items.

Place a rug underneath a living room coffee table to help define the space and create a textured effect. Living room coffee tables are a blank canvas for infusing your space with personality. With the right mix of decorative and functional elements, you can create a stylish focal point that completes the overall look and feel of your living room.