Corner TV Stands

Guide to Corner TV Stands

Corner TV stands are attractive and fit well in rooms when you’re tight on space. These TV stands can also be used in those odd-shaped areas that are challenging to furnish. So, if you want to display your TV in a room where conventional TV stands won’t work, these corner TV stands are a great solution.

Meble Furniture has an exquisite collection of modern corner TV stands that save space and provide a solid, sturdy display surface. Our sleek designs come in several colors and styles, including corner TV stands with electric fireplace inserts. They help anchor your room and offer plenty of space to store AV components and media or display accessories.

How to Choose a Corner TV Stand

When choosing a corner TV stand, we have a few tips to help you select the best option for your room. First, consider the size and type of TV you own, the dimensions of the corner TV stand, and the space where you plan to install it. 

Television Stand Size, Placement, and Spacing

To ensure proper fit, measure your TV diagonally from the top left to the bottom right corner. Compare this size to the “fits up to” size in the Product Details of the corner TV stands you’re interested in.

40” to 49” television

Shop stands at least 39”

50” to 59” television

Shop stands at least 46”

60” to 69” television

Shop stands at least 54”

70” to 79” television

Shop stands at least 63”

Over 80”

Shop stands at least 72”


Choosing the Right Design for a TV Stand

If you have media to store, select a corner television stand that fits it. Our corner TV stands typically come with shelves and drawers designed to house cable boxes, game consoles, satellite receivers, remote controls, and other media. Some of our corner TV stands include electric fireplace inserts with features like changeable flame colors and temperature control so you can create a room ambiance for any season or time of day.

These corner units also include display shelves to place your favorite collectibles and decorative items.

Finding the Right Corner TV Stand

All our corner TV stands are manufactured in and imported from the European Union and generally ship within 1-2 business days. Meble Furniture offers a variety of modern, space-saving TV storage furniture. Please browse our selection, choose your unit, and get it shipped fast to your home!