80 inch Fireplace TV Stands

Guide to 80 inch Fireplace TV Stands

If you’ve been searching for a TV stand that matches your big-screen TV’s “wow” factor, you’ve come to the right place. Meble Furniture’s 80-inch fireplace TV stands to make a statement on their own. And when paired with a big-screen TV, your entertainment center will be a great focal point of the room.

80 inch Fireplace TV Stand Designs

Our 80-inch fireplace TV stands have modern, sleek lines that complement various furniture styles. With a beautiful, glowing fireplace at its center, you may enjoy your new TV stand as much as you do your big-screen tv.

Imagine watching your favorite Netflix series or movie while enjoying the warm glow of a fire. A fire that doesn’t require any work, maintenance, or messy cleanup. Because it’s electric, all you need to do is turn it on. All 80-inch fireplace TV stands include a remote control to change the temperature or the look of your fireplace without ever leaving your chair or sofa.

Fireplace TV Stand Safety and Styles

Because 80 inch fireplace TV stands are electric, they are very safe. Even though it will emit heat, there is no gas or smelly odor. And the heat that it gives off will not harm your television or other media equipment.

With a stunning selection of modern styles, your biggest challenge may be choosing just one! The best way to start is by narrowing down the stands based on what you know you need. We carry 80-inch fireplace TV stands that work well with wall-mount televisions and TVs that sit atop the stand. Some of our fireplace TV stands work well with both types of mounting.

You’ll also want to consider your storage needs. Our fireplace TV stands have plenty of storage for your media, games, remote controls, books, souvenirs, and anything else you want to display or conceal in a drawer or cabinet. There are options with solid doors and drawers, as well as open shelving and glass doors. The choice is yours!

Fireplace TV Stand Sizes

Finally, when choosing an 80-inch fireplace TV stand, please ensure it fits well in your space and with your television. Is there plenty of room on your wall for this piece of furniture? Is it the right size for your television? Televisions are measured differently than furniture, so you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the right size TV stand. Visit our TV Stand Size Guide for more information on measuring your TV.

Once you’ve made your selection, checkout is easy. We offer secure payments, fast shipping, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.