70 inch TV Stands

Guide to 70 inch TV Stands

There’s something special about sitting down in front of your own big screen TV to watch movies, shows, or the latest sporting events. Get the most out of your TV experience by pairing it with one of our attractive and functional 70-inch TV stands. Meble Furniture has a large selection of modern 70-inch TV stands to choose from.

A TV stand helps to anchor your large television so that it’s not all by itself on the wall. TV stands not only help you showcase your TV, they provide storage space for cable boxes, video game consoles, Blue-ray and DVD players, and any other type of media you have.

70 inch TV Stand Styles

We have 70-inch TV stands that fit below wall-mounted TVs as well as ones to hold your TV in place. There are numerous options and colors available. Choose from TV stands with shelving and drawers, LED lighting, and even a few options that look like they are floating on the wall. Want to add more warmth and ambiance to the room? We even have 70-inch TV stands that come with electric fireplaces.

Choosing the Right TV Stand

Before you make your final selection, be sure you’ve chosen the right size stand for your television. The dimensions of TVs and TV stands are calculated differently so reference our TV stand size guide to confirm that one the 70-inch TV stands the right size for you TV.

Buying the 70 inch TV Stands Online

Get ready to maximize your entertainment experience with an amazing new TV stand. Shop Meble Furniture and get your 70-inch TV stand delivered fast. Most our furnishings ship in 1-2 business days.