65 inch Fireplace TV Stands

Guide to 65 inch Fireplace TV Stands

If you are looking for 65 inch fireplace TV stands, you’re in the right place. Meble Furniture carries a stunning selection of modern fireplace tv stands for your 65 inch TV.

Fireplace TV stands add an exciting element to your room beyond the ordinary TV stand. A glowing fire flickering below your TV will surely spark conversations among your guests.

What are Fireplace TV Stands?

Our fireplace TV stands are electric, so there is no wood, no messy cleanup, and no smell of gas. The fireplace includes three different colors of flames and levels of heat control. You can turn up the heat to help warm the room or turn it off entirely and enjoy the look of a fire without the heat.

Each TV stand includes a remote control so you can manage the look at the warmth of your fire without ever leaving your sofa or comfy chair.

Fireplace TV Stand Sizes

Our fireplace TV stands are sturdy and designed to accommodate your large TV. Getting the size of your TV stand right is essential because TVs are measured differently than furniture. Our 65 inch fireplace TV stands are made to fit your 65 inch TV, but you can also visit our TV Stand Size Guide for further information about choosing the right size TV stand.

A couple of other considerations when choosing a TV stand include the dimensions of your room and the placement of your TV. Before selecting a TV stand, you’ll want to ensure it fits well in your space with your existing furnishings. Our 65 inch fireplace TV stands come in various elegant, neutral colors that work well with various types of décor.

Types of 65 inch Fireplace TV Stands

We also carry TV stands that accommodate wall-mounted TVs, TVs that rest upon the TV stand, and 65 inch fireplace TV stands that work well with both types of TVs.

There are options with solid cabinets and drawers to conceal wires and media you don’t want to be displayed. And there are options with open or transparent cabinets to showcase your favorite photos and accessories.

You can just shop our beautiful modern fireplace TV stands and get yours delivered fast. We offer secure payments and have a 30-day money-back guarantee.