6 Drawer Dressers

Guide to 6 Drawer Dressers

The popularity of 6 drawer dressers, like many furniture styles, has evolved over time – and for good reason. 6 drawer dressers offer ample storage space that can easily be categorized drawer by drawer. 6 drawer dressers not only hold plenty of items, but they blend beautifully into the design scheme of bedrooms as well as other rooms in your home. This guide can help you navigate the many styles of 6 drawer dressers.

When Did 6 Drawer Dressers Become Popular?

While it's challenging to pinpoint the exact moment when 6-drawer dressers became popular, certain trends and living patterns prompted their rise in popularity. For example, families moving into larger suburban homes need more storage for their families. Or people in general, acquiring more things, especially clothing, and needing to organize and store them. Even if it's not clothing that you need storage for, 6 drawer dressers can hold so many different things. With so much space to categorize and organize your belongings, the popularity of these dressers will likely continue for years to come.

How to Get Organized with 6 Drawer Dressers

With plenty of drawers to sort and organize your belongings, there is a lot that you can do with 6 drawer dressers – especially with a little thoughtful planning. You can use 6 drawer dressers to categorize your clothing – dividing drawers based on categories such as tops, bottoms, underwear, socks, and accessories. You can get even more specific with your categories for things like workout gear, pajamas and loungewear, jewelry, hats and scarves, and more.

You can also utilize 6 dresser drawers for seasonal rotation of your clothing and accessories. In colder months, store lightweight and summer clothing in the back, and vice versa - keeping frequently used items easily accessible in the top drawers.

Aside from clothing, there are plenty of other uses for 6 drawer dressers. They are a great place to store bed linens and towels. Fold fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases neatly to maximize your space. You could also use dividers to separate different sizes or types of linens.

In living rooms 6 drawer dressers can also be versatile storage solutions. You can designate the top drawers for frequently used items like remote controls, chargers, and small electronics. The remaining drawers can house a variety of items based on your needs. Dedicate a drawer to entertainment accessories, such as DVDs, CDs, or gaming controllers.

Extra blankets, throws, or pillows could be stored in another drawer of 6 drawer dressers. Utilize additional drawers for organizing board games, magazines, or miscellaneous items. These are just a few of the countless ways to use 6 drawer dressers!